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Private Sessions are based on your specific topic and area of inquiry. Common session topics include: evaluating relationship changes, exploring new career opportunities, making difficult decisions, improving communication, and changing habits. Many participants report having processed deep emotions and past traumas through their SkyHorseEGE™ experience.

Hallie will lead you into an open-minded inquiry, so you can gather more information and discover new possibilities and options. Feedback from the horse will guide you toward clarity and choices that align with your mind, body and spirit.

Bringing your topic or inquiry to the SkyHorseEGE™ session provides you with external observers (your facilitator and the horse) who reflect the things you are unable to see from the inside. Hallie uses a coaching model to help clients identify blind spots, break through barriers, and gain new perspectives.

“The EGE session provides a space of opportunity where a person can reconnect to their Internal Compass and discover possibilities and perspectives that lead them to a place of authenticity and heart-centered choice, rather than feeling stuck or trapped.”


  • No horse experience necessary.
  • No riding is involved as all exercises with horses are done from the ground.

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