Intuition, Instincts and Sensate Wisdom – Your Internal Guidance System


Intuition, Instincts and Sensate Wisdom – Your Internal Guidance System

1-Day SkyHorseEGE™ Workshop

We are born into this world fully connected to our intuition, instincts, and sensate wisdom. Just like wild animals, we start out relying on our intuitive and sensate responses and our instincts as our primary informants. This is our internal guidance system, our compass. Unfortunately, in many of our cultural systems, intuitive and energetic responses are not respected, and due to social conditioning, we have stopped listening to and trusting our natural pre-cognitive knowing.

We live in a time of change, on a grand scale, like no other time in history. Systems and methods that have been “tried and true” for generations are no longer working or sustaining us. We must each navigate the impact of these changes in our individual lives. When our path becomes difficult to navigate with clarity and skill, we may find we have been looking for answers and guidance outside of ourselves.

Horses, like wild animals, are connected to and trust their instincts, intuition and sensate responses. As stated by Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi, founder of SkyHorseEGE™, “Horses make decisions based on how they feel, not on how they think.” Spending time around horses helps us reconnect or connect more deeply to ourselves. The horse mirrors our underlying mood, attitudes, fears, passions, and in so doing helps us to access our deeper intuitive perceptions. By reconnecting to what is important to us, to what has heart and meaning, and by honoring our intuitive and sensate responses and instincts, we can re-align with our internal compass and gain clarity on who we are now and where we are going.

SkyHorseEGE™ workshop exercises will explore:

  • Quieting the chatter of the busy mind
  • Building somatic, sensate awareness
  • Identifying limiting perceptions
  • Turning off preconceived, programmed thinking by turning on curiosity
  • Enhancing pre-cognitive, intuitive listening

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