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Hallie Bigliardi, Certified SkyHorse Equine Guided Educator, brings 30 years of passion infused horse experience and a lifelong desire to encourage and inspire others to her EGE work.  In partnership with horses, Hallie helps people uncover the possibilities and potential their lives hold.  She gently guides them to effectively and purposefully navigate their paths of change and emerge with the ability to create their own positive outcomes and transformation.  Hallie facilitates with authenticity, sensitivity and strong intuition, and her compassion is evident, building a strong foundation of trust.

In 2010, Hallie began her mentorship with Ariana Strozzi, pioneer of Equine Guided Education and president of SkyHorse Ranch.  Hallie is a SkyHorse Instructor and shares her EGE experience by staffing for many workshops at SkyHorse Ranch, as well as the SkyHorse Certification Program.  Visit for more information.

When she is not out with the horses, Hallie enjoys working with her husband, Achille Bigliardi, in his photography business and raising their three children.  To view Achille’s work visit

“The space Hallie creates in this work is deeply personal, supportive and rewarding.” – Ashley Smith, CEGE


Skyhorse Ranch - EGE Certified

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