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My EGE story began in 2010…

The house remodel was over, and our kids were getting older and more independent. My family was great, I loved my life as a wife and mother, and I was successfully running the books for my husband’s business. But something was missing. I felt a yearning to find my way in my own life. I began to wonder—What am I here to do? How do I want to contribute?

As destiny would have it, I was introduced to SkyHorseEGE™ by a trusted friend. I drove to SkyHorse Ranch on a foggy July morning for the 1-day Intro to EGE. As I got closer, something in me began to vibrate, like a tuning fork. I didn’t know what it was; the feeling was unfamiliar. We moved through the day and the exercises with the horses, and I felt a resonance within me, to my core, like nothing I had ever experienced before. At the end of that day, it was clear to me that I needed more, so I registered for the next SkyHorseEGE™ certification program.

After certification, I returned to SkyHorse Ranch as an advanced student to continue my training under Ariana Strozzi, and within the year, I became part of the SkyHorse Staff. I was so deeply inspired and energized by the transformations I saw in every SkyHorseEGE™ program that I didn’t want to miss a single one. Four years and ten certification training programs later, I became a SkyHorseEGE™ Instructor.

At its core, EGE is about a “way of being” in the world. By developing my way of being through EGE, my life has improved in countless ways. I am now clear about what I want to do and how I want to contribute. I am connected to my unique purpose, to what has passion and meaning for me, and I want to help others find this for themselves.


Hallie Bigliardi is a certified SkyHorseEGE™ instructor and coach.  Through Equine Guided Education (EGE), Hallie assists people in discovering their unrealized possibilities and potential. In close partnership with horses, she empowers deliberate navigation down a path of change, allowing the emergence of positive outcomes and individual transformation. Facilitating with genuine compassion and insight, Hallie creates a safe place for people to enter into their own courageous conversation, while the horse provides authentic, unprejudiced feedback. Hallie specializes in working with coaches to develop their natural, innate intuition and sensate knowing and to expand their effectiveness beyond the constructs of the traditional coaching paradigm.

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