Point of Change

Change is inevitable.  As humans, we encounter a significant change every 5-7 years.

Whether the change is desired or outside of our control, we usually experience some difficulty and discomfort.  Self-judgment can cloud our thinking and our perceived choices.   Our moods and stressors can reduce our capacity to take action or limit our space of possibility.

When we reach a point of change, we can get help by enlisting the horse as our guide.  The horse provides a mirror for us to examine how we show up in the world: our body language, our patterns, the stories we tell ourselves, our values and beliefs.  By increasing our awareness, being “present”, and becoming curious and inquisitive, we allow the horse to help us see ourselves and others from a new perspective.

Horses help us reconnect to the natural world and to what we care about.  They guide us to develop new perceptions of reality and what is possible.  Horses show us how to live authentically, courageously and on purpose.

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